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The Best Neckband for Listening to Financial Audiobooks 2021

This article’s earbuds will cover regular earbuds. This is my personal recommendation, as I am using this earbud for the past 1 year.

Oppo’s Enco M31 wireless earbuds are the company’s most recent offering. On paper, the Enco M31 appears to be well-equipped, featuring LDAC, Hi-Res Wireless Audio certification, IPX5 water resistance, and AI-powered noise reduction for voice conversations, all at a reasonable price.

The addition of LDAC alone should put a smile on a few people’s faces, as support for this codec is generally lacking in low-cost audio equipment. And the Enco M31 is unmistakably “affordable.”

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Build, design and features :

The Oppo Enco M31 design is unremarkable, but it is also unobtrusive (in the black variant, at least). You get very standard-looking neckband-style wireless earphones in an all-black shell with a smooth matte finish and a touch of shiny glossy lining on the battery modules and at the back of the earbuds. If you prefer something more vivid, you may have a green and yellow mix in this model. Personally, I like them in black.

Instead of being attached to the earphone wire, the inline control pod is attached to the left battery module. If you’re used to wiring controls like the Bullets Wireless Z, the location may look strange at first, but you’ll grow used to it. It features volume control buttons as well as a multipurpose button that can be used to play/pauses music, answer/end calls, and switch between Balanced and Bass modes (more on that in the performance section). You may go to the next or previous track by holding down the volume up or down key for two seconds; I prefer this technique over the triple-click

The volume rocker, a multi-function button, and a USB Type-C connector are all housed in the cylindrical device on the left. The earbuds have an IPX5 rating, making them splash and dust resistant. For the past month, I’ve been wearing this earpiece during my workout, and it’s held up well.

Sound Quality :

The Oppo Enco M31’s main selling point is its outstanding sound quality for the price. It has two sound signature options: balanced mode and bass mode. The balanced mode was expertly adjusted by Oppo’s sound experts, with tight rhythms, sharp voices, crystal clear highs (treble), and superb instrument separation. It may be the only wireless earphone that can provide audiophiles with tremendous delight for less than 3000 rupees. It is also a good choice for critical listening.

The Oppo Enco M31 features a 9.2mm dynamic driver with a frequency response range of 20Hz to 40KHz. It is a Hi-Res wireless audio-certified earphone that supports the LDAC codec as well as the standard SBC and AAC codecs. LDAC is a proprietary audio coding technique created by Sony that allows high-resolution streaming audio via Bluetooth connections at up to 990 kbps at 32 bit/96 kHz.

Even with low-quality sources, I can tell the difference in sound quality between AAC and LDAC. In compatible devices, the OPPO Enco M31 will automatically select the LDAC codec over AAC or SBC. The sole disadvantage of LDAC is that it has a negative influence on battery life. But I usually choose LDAC over short battery life because I believe it is worthwhile. However, you may easily return to AAC or SBC in Bluetooth settings. I believe the Enco M31 is the only LDAC-compatible earphone in this price range.

Battery life and charging :

According to Oppo, the Enco M31 can play music for up to 12 hours in AAC or SBC and up to 8 hours in LDAC. I regularly got approximately 6-7 hours in LDAC and around 11 hours in AAC (I only tried it in AAC for a single charge cycle because I am enamoured with LDAC). 6-7 hours is plenty for my usage scenarios. However, when compared to the competition, it falls short. However, I believe it is sufficient to get you through a few days of music listening and movie watching. 

It takes approximately an hour to charge them. However, it enables rapid charging for quick backup, and with 10 minutes of charge, you get up to 3 hours of music playback in normal quality, which is not terrible at all.

Call Quality :

In my long-term use scenario, I never had any call quality difficulties, and the other side never complained about trouble hearing my voice. When I inquired about it, they stated that they could tell I was speaking over a Bluetooth device, but the sound was quite clear.

Conclusion :  

If you’re not sure whether you like balanced or bass-heavy (basshead) sound signatures, this is the place to start. Still, the Enco M31 is my top pick because it allows you to switch between two sound characteristics with a single double push.

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