How to Play DeFi Kingdoms and Earn Money

How to Play DeFi Kingdoms and Earn Money ?

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What are your options and how can you get started with DeFi Kingdoms?

1. Configuring a MetaMask Wallet to Interact with the DFK Game

This is more of a technical threshold issue, so I won’t go into much detail here and will instead direct you to the many other great guides out there, but the gist is that if you want to play DFK, you must (1) have a Metamask wallet, (2) have the wallet connected to the Harmony blockchain network using a custom RPC, and (3) have some $ONE in your wallet to pay for gas fees and begin buying Jewel.

Here’s a link to a post on “how to set up Metamask for Harmony and send ONE from Binance to that wallet.

While the articles above show how to configure the custom RPC that allows Metamask to connect to Harmony rather than just Ethereum or the base chains that it comes pre-configured to connect to, I would use the POKT RPC details to connect to Harmony rather than the standard Harmony ones listed in the links above. When the Harmony blockchain becomes crowded, the POKT RPC appears to perform better. Instead, here’s an article that outlines the details you’d enter to set up the POKT RPC. EITHER RPC WILL BE USEFUL! For example, if you use the POKT RPC instead, it will look like this:

d4a3VhzyeK IaUfvsq4WDt 1i4kOoU

Convert this to this

egCxfic qkyvYCcALS54is1i

2. Playing DFK on the MetaMask smartphone

No, there isn’t a DFK app, and there’s no word on when one could be released. 

Yes, you can still play it on mobile; simply navigate to the website using the browser embedded into MetaMask mobile, and then link your wallet to the website. 

No, you cannot link your Metamask wallet to a web browser on your mobile device like Safari or Chrome – instead, use the Metamask built-in browser.

ALWAYS keep some $ONE in your wallet to pay for Gas Fees 

3. What can you Play in DFK right now?

Now that you have a wallet linked to the DFK website, you can create a profile. Simply choose a profile image and a profile name, enter Gaia, and you’ll be greeted by this lovely pixelart world overlay:

Each of the identified regions (and even some nameless ones (wishful thinking!)) are zones where you may interact with the game so far – there is plenty more on the way — just check out the roadmap on the DFK documents

So, what are you capable of doing right now? Here’s a high-level description, and I’ll go into more detail below — but most of you reading this are probably curious about how to get started with the “game” component (which right now revolves around heroes).

  • Single Stake Jewel for Passive Rewards: Simply buy some Jewel and gain passive rewards such as the ability to withdraw more Jewel than you placed into the bank. 
  • Liquidity Pools: Earn Jewel by acting as a liquidity provider for the in-game DEX (although keep in mind that it is a DEX just like any other DEX (i.e. Uniswap) and you do not have to be playing the game to utilise it). On Harmony, the DEX currently has the highest TVL. 
  • Heroes: the main meat of hero questing is just around the corner, but there’s still a lot of buying/selling/summoning going on as we wait for the professional missions (and, later next year, the combat quests) (both PVE and PVP).

Quests Rewards 

As of the most current update to this page (11 January 2021), heroes can choose from three professional quests: (1) Wishing well, (2) Foraging profession quest, and (3) Fishing profession quest.

1. Wishing well 

I would not advocate using your hero stamina to complete this mission. Wishing was first introduced as a “LITE” quest feature to 

(1) flood Gaia’s tears into the economy and 

(2) allow the Dev’s to test the experience, stamina use, and rewards mechanisms related to quests. 

However, despite the fact that some of the professional missions have been revealed, the creators have stated that the wishing well will remain in the game and will be the finest source of tears. While the wishing well has a larger probability of rewarding tears than the existing Foraging and Fishing profession missions, they only reward tears (along with nominal amounts of XP).

The wishing well consists of (1) initiating the quest with a metamask confirmation and (2) finishing the task with another metamask confirmation after a brief cooldown of a few seconds. 

Based on the current drop rates, a single hero can get anywhere from 5–25 experience and 0–22 tears if they complete all five objectives at once. Each mission costs 5 stamina, therefore if a hero has full stamina, you may send them on 5 wishing well quests at once (which is very nice).

2. Profession Quests (Foraging and Fishing)

The professional missions are the finest use of your hero’s stamina right now. 

This is the location where you may enter the professions quest zone. 

Foraging and Fishing are the two professional quests that have been issued thus far. 

To begin foraging/fishing missions, go to the professions zone and click on Woodsman Aurum and Fisher Tom. In contrast to the Wishing Well, you may send your heroes in groups (up to 6 at a time), which is incredibly easy and decreases the number of transactions you must enter and confirm in Metamask.

These missions need 7 stamina each try (and take 20 seconds per quest). One significant difference between the wishing well and these professional quests is that by sending them out in a group, the time to quest stacks cumulatively (i.e. the 20 seconds per quest does not run at the same time for each hero, but only for one hero at a time). So, if you send 6 heroes, each with 5 attempts, it will take 18 minutes to finish and enjoy their benefits. Furthermore, if you sent another set of six on the same quest for five attempts each, it would take another 18 minutes on top of the first, for a total of 36 minutes until the second group of six was finished.

If you do not have the relevant professional gene, these LVL 0 profession missions require 7 stamina to complete. That implies a hero with full 25 stamina but NOT the foraging gene could only take on three foraging tasks at once (7×3=21 (leaving 4 stamina)).

The only thing missing is the precious SVHAS runes, which are required to level up your hero in the meditation circle (releasing on Dec. 8, 2021). To level up, you’ll need 10 runes. If you have the profession gene for the relevant profession quest, your chances of dropping runes are 5x higher than if you don’t. Runes are the most valuable commodities right now, aside from the Grey and Blue eggs, which can be utilised to make a pet later in the development plan.

In addition to these item drops (which you may sell for gold at the vendor or the marketplace if there is a liquidity pool for it), you have the opportunity to improve your profession’s ability. In essence, this is similar to a prize. You may receive no more abilities to the occupation, or you may receive a decimal number (always in single-digit quantities (e.g. 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4)).

For the time being, I’m skipping the pros/cons section because there’s no reason you shouldn’t be performing professional missions. Wishing well is a waste of stamina, and you currently have no other uses for your heroes’ stamina (that will change as more quests come out, such as combat quests).

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The Most Important Roadmap Features to Look Forward To are:

  • January 2022 — Land 
  • Expansion of Avalanche Blockchain with Crystalvale — “During the core of Q1 2022” (i.e. mid-Feb to late March).

GameFi and play-to-earn options are transforming the gaming scene, and the guilds listed above have been at the forefront of providing such chances. This is a great way to make money in the virtual world while avoiding some of the issues that come with the actual world. The GameFi area is still in its early stages, and we can only speculate on what the future holds for the whole blockchain field.

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