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The Best Earbud for Calls, Listening to Music or Financial Audiobooks

This article’s earbuds will cover regular earbuds. This is my personal recommendation, as I am using this earbud for the past 1 year.

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Realme Buds 2 Neo: Realme Buds 2 Neo are Realme’s low-cost earbuds on the market. The earbuds are priced at Rs. 499, which is pretty reasonable.

  • Design, Build and Comfort:

When it comes to the build quality of the Realme Buds 2 Neo, the earbuds’ build quality warrants their price. The earphone has a premium appearance and feels to it. The cable is constructed of TPU and is durable enough to withstand everyday use. It will not readily break with regular use. To improve the build quality, it includes an L-shaped 3.5 audio connector.

  • Microphone: 

The microphone on this one is adequate, and you can talk for an extended period of time without disturbing the other person. The microphone on the earbuds is pretty outstanding, especially considering the price.

  • Sound Quality:

When it comes to sound quality, the Realme Buds 2 Neo has 11.2mm drivers. Because the earbuds aren’t extremely loud, the sound quality is clear. The bass is not overpowering, which is another advantage of this headphone. Every other earphone has a low voice and treble because of the strong bass sound. But that’s not the case with this one, because the bass, as well as the treble and voice, are all there.

Advantages and disadvantages 


  1. Good design and construction 
  2. Lightweight and comfortable 
  3. Good noise isolation 
  4. Excellent audio quality with a well-balanced bass 


  1. Soundstage is limited.

Final Words :

Overall, the Realme Buds 2 Neo are nice, but they seem inferior to the Realme Buds 2. The Realme Buds 2 had greater sound quality than this one. When compared to competing earbuds in the Rs.500 price range, such as the Redmi basic, Boat Bass Head 162, Boat Bass Head 172, or Boat Bass Head 182, the Realme Buds 2 Neo is much more comfortable. Furthermore, the sound on the Buds 2 Neo is well-balanced. It’s referred to as a gaming earphone. It’s because the bass is good and the treble is on the upper side. If you’re searching for an earpiece around Rs.500 that’s particularly for gaming, this won’t let you down.

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